accountant working on a computer

Should I Start a Career in Accounting?

Are you looking for a reliable career with a high salary and endless job prospects? A career in accounting ticks all of these boxes. Accountants manage money for individuals and businesses, making sure tax returns are filed and employees are paid. They are most comfortable when working on a spreadsheet, and their diligent work is rewarded with a high salary. If this sounds like a career you could thrive in, follow the link below to get in contact with York Technical College in Rock Hill, SC and start your accounting training today! If you’re not convinced, keep reading for some of the highlights that make finance & accounting a fantastic career choice.

Accountants Make Good Money

When people trust you to manage their money, they pay you a pretty penny. Even when you’re just getting started, you can expect a salary over $40k, which is higher than most careers! After a few years on the job, the average accountant in South Carolina makes $68,520 per year, which is a fantastic salary. The highest-earning accountants in the US make around $97k/year, which goes to show that the earning potential is hard to beat! If you’re looking for a reliable career with a high salary, accounting may be right for you.

Tons of Accounting Jobs are Available

With such high earning potential, you may think that a career in accounting is an exclusive club that’s hard to enter. Luckily, that couldn’t be further from the truth! In South Carolina alone, over 15,000 finance & accounting jobs exist. Accounting firms are always hiring and can barely keep up with the demand for their services. Companies like Burkett Burkett & Burkett, Schmoyer and Company, and WebsterRogers are constantly looking for up-and-coming talent to add to their teams. With locations all over South Carolina, these accounting firms are the perfect place for a new accountant to get started. The accounting industry is also projected to grow at a healthy 4% rate through 2029, so you can be confident that jobs will continue to be open for many years.

It’s Easy to Start a Career in Accounting

So let’s get this straight: accountants make a great income and there are endless job opportunities. The catch must be in education, right? Wrong. You can get started as an accounting clerk in only two semesters; that’s less than a year! If you want more opportunities, you can earn an associate’s degree in accounting in only four semesters at York Tech in Rock Hill, SC. You can start a career in accounting without spending four years at a university and ending up saddled with student debt. The barriers to entry are low for future accountants when you pursue a technical college education.

The paycheck, job availability, and low barriers to entry are just three reasons that a career in finance & accounting is a great option! There’s never been a better time to start an accounting career, and you can take the first step by contacting us by clicking the button below. York Technical College is upstate South Carolina’s #1 technical college in quality and affordability. If you want to learn about career training programs, financial aid, or anything else, contact us today!