7 Reasons to Start a Masonry Career

7 Reasons to Start a Masonry Career in 2023

Masonry is a trade that has been around for centuries and involves working with materials such as brick, stone, and concrete to construct buildings, walls, and other structures. While the trade has evolved over time, the basic principles remain the same, and there are many benefits to starting a career in masonry.

1. High Demand for Masons

One of the main advantages of starting a career in masonry is the high demand for skilled workers. As the construction industry continues to grow, so does the need for masons to build and repair structures. In the US, over 250,000 masonry jobs are available. Masonry work is essential for a wide range of construction projects, from homes and commercial buildings to bridges and monuments.

2. Job Security

Because of the high demand for masons, there is a high level of job security in this field. Once you establish yourself as a skilled mason, you can expect to have steady work and a reliable income. Even during times of economic downturn, there is still a need for construction and repair work, so masons are often in high demand.

3. Hands-On Work

Masonry is a hands-on trade, which means that you get to work with your hands and see the results of your labor. Many people find this type of work satisfying and rewarding. As a mason, you get to use a variety of tools and techniques to create structures that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

4. Creative Expression

While masonry work is often focused on function, there is also a creative aspect to the trade. As a mason, you get to work with different materials and create unique designs that reflect your creativity and style. Whether you are working on a simple brick wall or a complex sculpture, there is always room for artistic expression in masonry.

5. Opportunities for Advancement

Masonry is a trade that offers many opportunities for advancement. As you gain experience and expertise, you can take on more challenging projects and move up the ranks to become a foreman or project manager. You can also specialize in a particular area, such as historic restoration or custom design work.

6. Solid Pay

Masonry is a skilled trade, and skilled workers are in high demand. As a result, masons can earn a good living. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for masons was around $48,000 as of May 2021. However, experienced masons can earn significantly more as they specialize and advance in their careers.

7. Long-Term Career Potential

Masonry is a career with long-term potential. Unlike many other jobs that may become obsolete due to technology or automation, masonry is a trade that will always be needed. As long as there are buildings and structures to be built or repaired, there will be a need for skilled masons.

In conclusion, starting a career in masonry can be a wise choice for those who are looking for a stable and rewarding career. With high demand, job security, creative expression, and opportunities for advancement, masonry is a trade that offers a lot of potential for those who are willing to learn and work hard.