How Much Does Technical College Cost?

Why Technical College is the Money Smart Choice

Choosing where to get your education and career training is a big decision! One of the most important factors is cost. The total amount of student debt in the United States has more than doubled in the last decade, so people are growing more and more aware of the cost of their education. Luckily, paying off student loans your entire life isn’t the only option. You can get a quality, affordable college education at York Technical College in Rock Hill, SC! If you want to know how much technical college costs, keep reading.

How Much Does York Tech Cost?

So how much does technical college cost in upstate South Carolina? York Tech is the most cost-effective option in the region and allows you to get a quality education without breaking the bank. Four-year universities like Clemson can end up putting you in massive student loan debt that can take years to pay off. York Tech is a local, low-cost option that can set you up for a high-paying career in two years or less! See how York Tech stacks up against other South Carolina schools below.

$5,035      York Technical College
$7,558      University of South Carolina – Lancaster
$11,583    University of South Carolina – Upstate
$11,700    Lander University
$12,668    University of South Carolina – Columbia
$12,978    College of Charleston
$15,558    Clemson University
$15,836    Winthrop University
Approximate full-time annual in-state tuition based on two 12-credit semesters for academic year 2020-2021. Source:

What Financial Aid is Available?

As you can see, getting your career training at York Tech in Rock Hill, SC can save you loads of money. But if you’re looking to save even more, they’ve got you covered! Between grants, student loans, work study programs, scholarships, veterans’ benefits, and lottery tuition assistance, York Tech has a financial aid option for just about anyone. For a full breakdown on what financial aid is available an how to apply for it, check out this article.

Everyone deserves a shot at higher education. With a certification, diploma, or associate’s degree, you can get started in a career you love at a price you won’t be regretting years down the line. York Technical College is the financially smart choice if you live in upstate South Carolina! If you’re interested in starting your education and a fulfilling career, click the button below to get started today.