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How to Land a Job in Construction

In case you haven’t been paying attention, construction is a massive industry. Even among economic issues like unemployment and inflation, the industry continues to grow. Because of this fact, workers have been flocking to the construction industry. If you’re interested in getting into this competitive yet profitable job market, keep reading. We’re going to give you some tips on how to land a job in construction.

Pick a Construction Career Path

There are tons of different career paths when it comes to the construction industry. From management to masonry, you can find success no matter which you choose. The important thing is to choose a construction career that fits you best. If you like working outdoors, a career in masonry might be the best fit. If you want to work in a shop, carpentry could be a good option. No matter your preference, there’s a construction career for you.

Complete Your Construction Career Training

Once you’ve picked your area of focus, you need to get your construction career training! Depending on what type of construction career you choose, you will spend less than two years getting your degree, diploma, or certification. You can compare training completion times here. Many construction careers only require a single-semester certification! If you’re wondering where to go to complete this training, wonder no more. You can complete your construction education at York Technical College in Rock Hill, SC for cheap (or even free). Contact their office of admissions to get started.

Research Construction Companies and Jobs

Once you get started in your career training, you need to look up companies that hire trained construction workers! Many contractors and large development companies focus in a geographic area, so you should have no problem finding work, especially if you live in a growing area like the one around York Technical College. These companies will most likely post jobs regularly, so be sure to check regularly for a position that matches your qualifications.

Create a Construction Resume

A construction resume should highlight a few things. It should outline your training; where you received it, when you completed it, and so on. It should also be up front about how long you’ve been working in the industry. If you’re just getting started, you should be honest about that. However, you don’t need to bold that detail. As we discussed in a previous blog post, you should tailor your resume for the position. With this in mind, you should edit your resume before applying to each construction career and make sure it shows exactly how you fit that position. A customized application can go a long way.

Apply, Apply, Apply!

Once you have a strong resume that you can mold to fit the position, the final step is to apply to as many jobs as you can. If you’ve earned your carpentry certificate, you won’t be a 100% match for every carpenter position. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply. Employment is hard enough to find, so you shouldn’t limit yourself to positions that list your qualifications exactly. Landing a job in construction is the first step in a long and lucrative career, so get out there and apply!