are technical colleges better than universities

Are Technical Colleges Better Than Universities?

There have been many stories in the news about the popularity of technical colleges, and how they may be a real alternative to traditional 4-year universities. And many states across the country have begun to push technical college incentive programs as they have recognized that technical colleges can be the best path for adding newly-skilled job candidates to their workforces. It can be hard to know if this is just a trend created by the news and government or a real option for yourself, especially if you are trying to start or restart your educational path.

If you’re a high school student, you might be weighing your options and curious what your best path forward is. If you used to attend a traditional, 4-year university, you may be wondering if you would’ve been better off going to a technical college. If you’re looking for career retraining, you may be looking at technical college and university as educational options. Whichever of these groups you fit into, you’re probably here because you’re asking the question above: are technical colleges better than universities?

If you do enough research, you will discover that these different types of educational institutions have foundational differences that make them hard to compare. This article from The Atlantic (4-6 minute read) has some helpful stats and stories about technical colleges and universities.

Here are some clear differences between technical colleges and 4-year universities that are hard to miss:

  1. Technical college is usually less expensive than a traditional university.

    In one school year, technical college students in South Carolina can expect to pay at least 50% less in tuition and fees than students attending traditional universities. Some universities in South Carolina are as much as 300% more expensive than York Technical College. York Tech is also designed to offer many financial aid options to people from all backgrounds and stages of life.

  1. Training is quicker and more focused at technical college.

    Want to get trained for a career and start working sooner? Technical college is the best choice. With certificate, diploma, and degree programs for a wide range of occupations, technical college provides the training you need and no irrelevant classes.

  1. Admission requirements at technical colleges are typically more minimal than at 4-year universities.

    Unlike traditional universities, there’s no mystery behind technical colleges’ admissions requirements. There are typically no essays, and you don’t have to guess if the college is looking for students with the “right” background. In fact, York Technical College in Rock Hill, SC explains their acceptance requirements right here in a few short steps. If you meet the requirements, you can be accepted!

So are technical colleges better than universities? It depends what you want to get out of your educational institution. But if you’re looking for simple admission requirements, lower cost, less time to finish school, and a clear path to employment, technical college is the obvious choice.

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