Electrician installing electrical outlet

4 Reasons to Become an Electrician in 2023

What career has tons of job opportunities, rewards creative thinking, and has low barriers to entry? If you were thinking “electrician,” you were correct! Electricians work in a specialized field that makes them absolutely essential, but don’t need a degree to get started. For more reasons to become an electrician, keep reading!

Electricians Don’t Need a Degree

While many careers require a degree (or at least a diploma) a career as an electrician only requires a certificate. A career certificate is a lower-commitment certification that teaches you the necessary skills to work in a certain field. Because electricians learn the most in the field, they can get started with a basic electricity certificate from a technical college such as York Technical College, which teaches them basic knowledge of the National Electrical Code, AC/DC circuits, and more. With barriers to entry so low, there’s no reason not to start today!

Electricians Earn a Solid Salary

People often get degrees because they are told that it will give them access to higher-paying jobs. However, with only a certificate, electricians can start working in jobs making over $46,000/year. And it doesn’t stop there. The top 10% of electricians earn an over $107k/year, which is fantastic money.

Electricians Have Countless Job Opportunities

For the past 100+ years, electricians have been essential to the workforce. In recent years, the demand for qualified electricians has grown even more, with industry veterans worrying that there aren’t enough new electricians to replace them when they’re gone. This career path has a 6% projected growth rate through 2031 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, so now is the perfect time get into this field.

Electricians Can Expect Career Advancement

Throughout the career of an electrician, they often go through many different positions and roles, advancing steadily as they spend more time in the industry. After starting as a service technician, most electricians committed to the field can be promoted to field managers, operation managers, and beyond, earning solid salary increases along the way. A career that only takes around four months to get trained in can become a career that helps you build a future and provide for a family.

Electricians fill an important role. They connect our homes, offices, factories, and stadiums to the power grid, providing us with light and comfort. If you want to be one of the individuals making that happen, get started at your local technical college!