What is a Career Certificate?

What is a Career Certificate?

For the past few decades, the traditional path to a career in the United States has been a four-year degree program at a university. A bachelor’s degree has its perks, but it is not the only way to get into your dream career! Among the other options is a career certificate program. Career certificate programs offer specialized training in the skills needed for particular jobs. These can range from HVAC training to Microsoft Office certifications and can be a great first step towards your career of choice. Keep reading to learn more about getting a career certificate.

Career Certificates Are Easier to Earn

Traditional bachelor’s degree programs require you to take tons of classes. Many students find this frustrating because many of the classes are not directly related to their field of study. Career certificate programs are different. Each course required for a certification is relevant to the career you are getting qualified for. This means the classes are “all killer, no filler” if you will.

More concentrated classes means less time spent earning your certification. Most career certification programs only take a few months to complete. Want to start a career in welding? A basic welding certificate can be earned in one semester! Career certificates are easier to earn than degrees because they are more focused and take less time to complete.

Career Certificates Save You Money

Speaking of saving time, you may have heard that “time is money.” In college, this is very true, as less time in the classroom means fewer dollars spent. Career certificate programs save you money for two reasons.

  1. Certificates do not take long to complete, so they cost less money than an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program.
  2. Certificates can be earned at a technical college such as York Tech, which can offer cheap or even free education.

If you want to start a lucrative career without going into debt, a career certificate is an ideal option. You can learn the necessary skills without taking out any loans in most cases.

Career Certificates Give You Options

If you’ve already decided that a career certificate is the route you want to take, here’s some good news: there are many careers that can be started with only a certification. Careers in automotive technology, carpentry, computer programming, cybersecurity, accounting, graphic design, HVAC, masonry, medical laboratory technology, plumbing, utility line work, and welding can be started with only a career certificate, just to name a few. In South Carolina alone, there are thousands of available jobs just waiting for certified individuals to apply. Career certificates open the door to tons of career options that you may not have even considered!

If you are interested in getting a certification and starting a new career, there has never been a better time to do it! York Tech in Rock Hill, SC offers a wide range of career certificate programs that are designed to get you in the workforce quickly and at low cost. Hit the button below to contact us and start on the path to a fantastic new career!