mechanical engineering technician

4 Reasons to Become a Mechanical Engineering Technician

Manufacturing jobs these days aren’t like they were 30 years ago. Manufacturing processes are done by advanced machinery, which needs to be run, checked, and maintained by trained professionals. That’s what mechanical engineering techs do. They assist engineers with design, testing, and maintenance to make sure everything works as it should. If you’re considering a career as a mechanical engineering technician, keep reading! There are many reasons for you to consider this great career.

Mechanical Engineering Technicians Get To Work With Machines

This first reason is obvious, but it’s worth stating anyways. Working with manufacturing machines is cool. Making adjustments and seeing your hard work pay off as an efficient manufacturing process is extremely rewarding. Plus, working with your hands is something that many cite as a reason they love their career. If you like tinkering with gadgets and basking in a job well done, a career as a mechanical engineering technician is right for you.

Mechanical Engineering Technology Has Low Barriers to Entry

Unlike many specialized careers that require a bachelor’s degree or more, mechanical engineering techs only require an associate’s degree to get started. This makes training faster and more affordable, with less time in the classroom and more time making money! York Technical College in Rock Hill, SC, for example, offers inexpensive (or even free) training programs so you can get into your manufacturing career in under two years.

The Manufacturing Industry Is Growing

While many industries face ups and downs because of market fluctuations, manufacturing has traditionally held strong. This trend seems to be continuing, with the industry projected to continue growing through 2028. On average, the manufacturing industry in the United States has grown 6.6% per year since 2017. If you want job security in a growing field, mechanical engineering technology is the career for you.

Mechanical Engineering Techs Are Paid Well

The final aspect of this career we’ll mention is the salary. Mechanical engineering technician salaries in the US, with averages over $60,000 per year. This is much higher than most careers, and that’s not even accounting for career growth. The highest-earning 10% of mechanical engineering techs make more than $95,300 per year, which is a hefty chunk of change. If you want to be paid well for your work in manufacturing, give this career a try!

Between the joy of working with machines, low barriers to entry, a growing industry, and high pay, there’s never been a better time to start a career as a mechanical engineering technician. If you’re interested in pursuing this career or any of the other great ones on our site, your local technical college is a great place to start!