Why You Should Become an Electrical Engineering Tech

Why You Should Become an Electrical Engineering Tech in 2023

Manufacturing careers are in higher demand than ever! With large manufacturers flocking to South Carolina, companies have never needed more workers than right now. One important manufacturing career is electrical engineering technology. Electrical engineering technicians help engineers design and develop manufacturing equipment, with a focus on the electrical side of things. To learn why and how to become an electrical engineering tech, keep reading!

Electrical Engineering Techs Make Great Money

One of the first things you look at when deciding whether or not to pursue a career is the salary. How much money do electronics engineering techs make? In South Carolina, you will make solid numbers. While starting salary is only $39,000/year, on-the-job training and advancement have the average electronics engineering tech making over $63,000/year in the US! And after dedicating a few years to this career, you could earn even more.

Electrical Engineering Techs Are in Demand

Not only do these jobs pay well, but there are lots of them. Over 100,000 electrical engineering technician jobs exist across the country already, and even more are likely to open up. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that number to stay fairly steady through 2031, but the overall manufacturing sector is steadily growing around the nation. For example, over the last 10 years, South Carolina’s manufacturing industry has averaged employment growth of over 17%.

Electrical Engineering Techs Work as a Team

When you’re working with high-tech manufacturing equipment, being a part of a team is a must. Electrical engineering technicians and technologists work with electrical engineers to design and develop electrical equipment. If you’re someone who feels reassured knowing someone’s got your back, a career as an electrical engineering tech is right for you!

It’s Easy to Become an Electrical Engineering Tech

No advanced degrees are required to become an electrical engineering tech. You don’t even need a bachelor’s degree! All you need is a 4-semester associate’s degree from your local technical college and you’re good to go! This kind of program will qualify you to work with tons of employers. And in many cases, you can start working and getting paid before you even graduate.

Electrical engineering technology is a fantastic career in the manufacturing industry that’s easy to get into, has plenty of available opportunities, and offers a great income to those who pursue it. If you are interested in getting your career training in this exciting field, find where you can start here!