Why to Become a Carpenter in 2022

Why You Should Become a Carpenter in 2023

If you’re like us, you’ve probably seen carpenters on Tik Tok take simple pieces of wood and transform them into beautiful pieces of furniture and decor. It feels like a magic trick, and guess what? You can be the magician! Carpenters use wood to create all kinds of things, from furniture to houses. It isn’t hard to become a carpenter at York Technical College in Rock Hill, SC, and it’s an extremely rewarding career. Read on to learn a few reasons why you should become a carpenter in 2023.

Carpenters Do Hands-On Work

When people go to four-year universities and end up with office jobs, one of their biggest regrets is that they have to sit and look at a computer all day. Carpenters don’t have this problem. Carpenters get to work with their hands, both indoors and outdoors, cutting, shaping, and securing wood. Whether you want to create a beautiful wood vase or the frame for a new home, carpentry can be a hugely rewarding career option that you can start at York Tech.

Carpentry Has Low Barriers to Entry

To practice carpentry, you don’t need a degree. All you need to get started is a Residential / Commercial Carpentry Certificate, which can be earned in a single semester (around 4 months). At York Tech, this certification program is designed to “prepare graduates or entry-level jobs in residential and commercial building construction.” In your training, you will learn the basics that you’ll need on a jobsite, but you are sure to learn even more once you start working. Carpenters never stop learning, which is another benefit to this great career.

You Won’t Go Into Debt Becoming a Carpenter

The certification program for carpenters can be earned at a technical college. Technical colleges keep costs as low as possible. Sometimes this program is even free! While four-year degrees can leave people in debt for years, a technical college education at York Tech is affordable can have you on the path to a great career in no time.

Now that you’ve heard why you should become a carpenter, you can get started! York Tech offers affordable education for individuals interested in interesting and fulfilling careers, such as carpentry. When you’re given the opportunity to get into a hands-on career with low barriers to entry you should take it! Hit the button below to get in contact with admissions professionals who can help you decide your next career move.