CNC machinist working in a factory

Why to Start a CNC Machinist Career in 2023

Are you all about the details? Do you like working with state-of-the-art machines? You might want to consider a career as a CNC machinist. These machinists work with computer numerical control (CNC) machines to cut metal and other materials to precise specifications. CNC machining is an important part of many manufacturing processes, so jobs are always available. The pay is solid as well! Keep reading to learn why you should start a machining career in 2023.

Tons of CNC Machinist Jobs Are Available

If a career as a CNC machinist sounds appealing to you, you’ll be glad to know that there are tons of jobs available in South Carolina, not to mention the rest of the country. There are currently just under 13,000 machining jobs in SC. That’s a big career field. With just a diploma from York Technical College in Rock Hill, SC, you can snag one of those great jobs for yourself.

CNC Machining Is a Growing Career Field

One of the most important things to know before getting into a new career is the field’s outlook. It helps to know you’ll be able find jobs in the future! Good news: the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a strong 7% growth rate for machinists through 2030. This means that jobs will continue to be created at a steady rate, meaning employment opportunities well into the future!

CNC machine in use

CNC Machinists Can Make Good Money

While most people won’t get rich as a CNC machinist, it does provide a livable wage with interesting work. In most cases, they also receive full benefits such as retirement and health insurance, which adds up over time. The average salary for CNC machinists in South Carolina is $47,615, but some salaries are over $60,000 per year. As with most careers, the higher level of education you achieve, the higher salary you can expect. This means a 4-semester degree will probably set you up for a higher salary than a 3-semester diploma.

CNC Machinists Work with High-Tech Equipment

Last but not least, CNC machinery is cool. Working with advanced machinery every day never gets old, and working indoors all year round is a big plus. CNC machinery is highly specialized equipment that requires training to use, but that’s what makes this such a strong career choice. You may be one of only a few people in an entire manufacturing plant that knows how to operate the CNC equipment, which means job security.

Working with big machines, making a solid salary, and being part of a reliable career field are three big reasons to start a career as a CNC machinist. Do those reasons speak to you? Then you should speak with us! The admissions team at York Tech can help you choose the right career and get you all the info you need to get started. Follow the button below to get in contact!