medical lab tech analyzing samples

Why to Start a Career as a Medical Lab Tech

Do you like science and paying attention to the small details? A career as a medical lab tech could be right up your alley. Medical laboratory technologists (more commonly shortened to “medical lab techs”) are medical professionals who analyze organic samples from patients in order to discover or diagnose diseases. Whenever you need blood work done, medical lab techs are the ones doing it. For more information on why to start a career as a medical lab tech, keep reading this article.

Medical Lab Tech Education Requirements

The first thing you should know about this career is that it does not require a bachelor’s degree. Unlike most jobs in sciences, this career only requires a certificate or associate’s degree. You can get started with a medical assisting certificate or a medical laboratory technology degree, each of which can be completed in much less time than a traditional 4-year degree. This means it’s fairly easy to become a medical lab tech.

Medical Lab Tech Salary

This career may have low barriers to entry, but what’s the pay like? Good news: the average salary for a medical lab tech in the US is $57,800 per year. And with more experience in the field, you could earn over $79,000 per year. For a career that only requires a certificate or associate’s degree, this is a strong salary with plenty of room for growth.

Medical Lab Tech Career Outlook

You may be wondering whether the career outlook for medical laboratory technologists is good, so let us put your mind at ease. There are currently over 329,000 medical lab tech jobs in the United States, with a 7% growth rate projected through 2031 nationwide. With so many job prospects and such steady growth for the next few years at least, this a great time to become a medical lab tech.

The Life of a Medical Lab Tech

Medical laboratory technologists work, as their names suggest, in a lab. They are trained healthcare professionals who collect medical samples and perform tests. They analyze body fluids, study blood samples, and discuss the results of tests with physicians. This career requires you to be comfortable with technology and very organized when analyzing test results.

Now that you know all the details, you might be ready to take the next step to starting this great career. Your local technical college offers the programs you need to get into medical laboratory technology, so reach out to them if you want to get into this fantastic career!