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What to Look for in a Technical College

Choosing where to pursue an education is a huge decision. Make sure the technical college you choose is a place that will help you succeed in your career. Today we will go over a few items you should have on your checklist when choosing between two or more technical colleges.


Value is a somewhat vague concept that varies slightly from person-to-person. However, it is still an important metric that you should take into account. Money spent/time spent is a simple way to determine value. “How much money does it cost and how long it will take?” This is a subconscious calculation that most people do many times a day to make decisions.

Compare your top college choices’ costs and the time commitment required. This can be a good first comparison, but it shouldn’t be the only one. As you’ll see below, value is one of many factors contribute to what makes a technical college worth attending.

Success Rate

You should also look at  success rate. For colleges, this is typically the percentage of graduates who were able to find a job directly after graduation. This shows how effective and respected the technical college is. For example, York Technical College has a 94% average job placement rate for students who graduate with degrees, diplomas, or certificates. Some colleges even give a program-by-program breakdown like this.


Sometimes, the reason someone decides to go to a technical college in the first place is that they are unable to attend college full-time. This could be due to work, family, or anything else. Technical colleges need to have options for traditional students, commuters, evening class options, online classes, and so on. This gives potential students the scheduling flexibility they may need.

Campus Experience

One last factor that people ignore in conversations about technical college is the campus experience. As more students choose a trade-focused education, tech colleges are bolstering their on-campus amenities to keep up.

When choosing a technical college, you should look into clubs, organizations, tutoring, career planning resources, and so on. A college is more than just a place to attend classes. If your college of choice has on-campus services and events that help you succeed in your education and your career, you’ll be at an advantage.

There are a ton of factors to consider before choosing a technical college. Make sure your college will be able to provide everything you need before you commit.

York Tech is a high value technical college with flexible class scheduling, an excellent campus experience, and a nearly unbeatable job placement rate. If you’re on the fence and need more reasons to choose York Tech, read more on their site.