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What Local Growth Means for Your Career

Everyone knows Rock Hill and the surrounding areas are growing. The population has increased by over 10% in the last ten years alone! Rock Hill, SC is becoming a large suburb of Charlotte, but it’s own identity is also growing. This part of upstate SC is becoming known as one of the manufacturing and technology hubs of the state! As more manufacturers move in, more restaurants are built, and more homes are needed, the need for trained employees grows too. Now is the best time to get your career training at York Technical College so you can land a career with one of the many companies that call York, Lancaster, and Chester counties their home. But why exactly is that? Today we’ll look at a few of the reasons that local growth is good for your career.

Economic Development = More Jobs

Economic development — such as what we’re seeing in York, Lancaster, and Chester counties — brings life to a community. More people leaving rural America and migrating to larger towns and cities means more employers will consider those towns and cities for the growth of their companies. New employers moving to town (and growing local employers) need employees to work in their offices, warehouses, factories, restaurants, and so on. If you have a certificate, diploma, or degree, you are the kind of employee those companies need!

If you want to be considered for these opportunities, you need to get your career training first. York Technical College in Rock Hill, SC delivers the best education for the best value in the state. You can start your career in an up-and-coming town without going into student debt with York Tech. You’ll be amazed at how many career opportunities open up to you once you’ve completed your training.

Business Want to Hire Local

Hiring is a tricky process. It’s even more tricky when there isn’t enough local talent to fill positions. Coordinating long-distance interviews and helping new hires move can be time-consuming and expensive. An employer’s dream scenario is finding all the employees in the community they are located. With many growing businesses in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, York, Lancaster, and Chester, there’s an immediate need for local talent. If you are trained for a specific career and live in the same community as a hiring business is located, you will have a leg up on the competition.

More Opportunities for Advancement

Growth in the local community is helped by new companies setting up shop and existing companies opening new manufacturing and distribution centers. Upstate SC is currently welcoming tons of new employers! Getting in on the ground floor, right when a business is getting started, gives you more opportunities for advancement in your field. When the operation expands or changes, companies want to promote from within. If you are working at a company when it’s in a growth cycle, you may be presented with opportunities for career advancement.

Local area growth is fantastic for your career! You will see more career opportunities for workers who are trained and ready to get started. With this in mind, are you ready to get started? If you want to get qualified for the jobs opening up in York, Lancaster, and Chester counties, you should get your career training at York Tech in Rock Hill, SC! An education at York Tech is fast and inexpensive, preparing you for what you’ll actually be doing in your career of choice. If this sounds good to you, then click the “Get Started” button and contact us today!