meeting with an academic advisor

What Does an Academic Advisor Do?

An important part of career planning is having people you can talk to. It’s even better if these people can give you helpful advice and guidance! An academic advisor is someone who knows training programs like the back of their hand and can give you guidance on what courses to take, what financial aid you are eligible for, and more! When you apply as a student at York Technical College, you are assigned an academic advisor to assist you with whatever you need. Keep reading to find out how to best utilize your academic advisor so you can get your new career started as soon as possible!

Contact Your Academic Advisor

To utilize your academic advisor’s services, you first need to reach out to them (if they don’t reach out to you first). For York Tech students, you can find contact information for your academic advisor by logging into Navigate. Other technical colleges have similar platforms. Once you’ve logged in, you can find advisor info under “Resources > People”. Other colleges may have different methods of finding your advisor’s contact info. Regardless, you will be able to find your academic advisor’s name, email, phone number, and office location. How you want to contact them is up to you! There’s no need to impress an academic advisor, because it is their job to help you. Usually a short email asking for assistance putting together a class schedule is all you need to do to get the ball rolling.

Meet with Your Academic Advisor

Once you’ve reached out to your academic advisor, you can meet with them. This could be in-person or through a video call, but it helps to have a face-to-face conversation with your advisor. This will make you easier to remember and motivate them to prioritize you! When you meet with them you can talk about your program of study, which classes you’ll need to take, and what your class schedule will look like. Meeting with your academic advisor is a lot less time consuming than a long email thread, and it could save you from communication errors!

Take Placement Exams

The courses you take (and the class schedule you make with your academic advisor) may depend on where you place on your technical college of choice’s placement exams. These may not be necessary depending on your high school grades, GPA, and SAT/ACT scores, but it’s a good idea to be educated on them. Your academic advisor can give you advice on which tests you should or could take. York Technical College has a handy Placement Chart and a Placement Pathway document that explain what grades or scores you need to be placed into which classes. The most important thing to note here is that if you have good placement scores, you may not have to take as many classes. This could speed up your training and get you on the path to your dream career faster!

Register for Classes

Once you know what classes you place into, you can go ahead and register! You can register entirely online using Navigate if you are going to York Technical College. This is something that can be done by yourself, but it’s a good idea to register with your academic advisor so you don’t accidentally register for a course you don’t need. Academic advisors know the different programs that a technical college offers like the back of their hand, so they will make sure you have an optimal class schedule that helps you get your training as efficiently as possible!

No matter what kind of training you need or what your schedule is like, an academic advisor can set you on the path to a great career. They will be able to take into account your educational needs and life circumstances to make sure your training is tailored specifically to you. Get matched with a great academic advisor today by clicking the button below and contacting us!