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5 Benefits of Having a Certification

Are you interested in a skilled career? If so, you’ve probably looked at job postings to see what the qualifications are. Some positions ask for several years of experience in the career. Others list specific skills that applicants should have. Almost every skilled trade job posting mentions career certification. There are many benefits of certification, but what is a is a career certificate?

A professional certification (also known as a trade certification or a career certification) is a designation that a person earns to show they are qualified to perform a certain job. In short, it’s proof that you’re qualified and capable. Usually, people attain these certificates through education programs at tech colleges like York Technical College. They usually only take a few months to complete! Depending on your career of choice, there may be multiple career certifications you can earn. Whether you have one or several, they are always helpful in a skilled trade career! Keep reading to learn some of the benefits of career certification.

Career Certificates are Relatively Easy to Earn

Career certification programs are like diplomas or degrees. The main differences are in time commitment and price. Most certifications only take around 4 months to earn, and you will be reaping the benefits of career certification for a lifetime. Compared to other education programs, 4 months is no time at all! Because of the low time commitment, certificates are also affordable. Low cost is always a good thing. Financial aid can also help you earn your career certificate without going into debt.

Career Certification = Credibility

When you are getting started in a new career, building credibility can be difficult. Even if you know you’re a hard worker, potential employers might not be able to see that. If you earn a career certification, you have proof that you work hard and know what you are doing. It’s a piece of external validation that can let employers know that you’re qualified for the job. No one can question your skills if you’ve earned your career certification!

More Marketable with a Career Certification

Job search professionals will tell you that you need to market yourself to be successful in your career. That means treating your professional persona as a brand that you put out into the world. One of the benefits of career certification is that you can use it as a tagline when marketing yourself. Resumes that open with something like “John Smith, Certified Welder” or “Julie Michaels, Certified HVAC Professional” stand out from the crowd. This is helpful when looking for full-time jobs or even freelance work.

benefits of certification in automotive technology
A certification can increase your job prospects.

Career Certificates can Lead to Promotions & Advancement

If you’re already working in your career of choice, a career certification is still worth earning! If you feel stuck in your career, getting certified could make you stand out for promotions or advancement within the field. Do you want to advance at your current job? A trade certification could be the edge you need to be picked for that promotion. Are you trying to work for a different company that offers better prospects? A combination of workplace experience and a professional certification will make you stand out among your peers.

People with a Career Certification Make More Money

As a general rule, more education means more money. People with career certifications make much more money than people who just have high school diplomas. However, there are also cases of individuals with certificates even making more money than those with Bachelor’s degrees. When weighing educational options, most people use the “more education means more money” rule, but sometimes that isn’t true. A career certification usually only takes a few months to earn and can help you get a well-paying job in a specific, growing field such as welding, HVAC, or automotive repair.

As you can see, there are many benefits of career certification. They can lead to higher pay, better job prospects, and more! If you’re on the fence about getting a certificate in your career of choice, hopefully this changed your mind. Career certificates are a cost- and time-effective way of furthering your education in your dream career.

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