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Should I Start a Graphic Design Career in 2023?

If you’re a creative person, you’ve probably had to balance your career dreams with the ability to make a living. Unfortunately, visual art doesn’t always provide plentiful career prospects. But what if we told you that you could do creative work while making a solid income? A career in graphic design can give you exactly that. As a graphic designer, you can flex your creative muscles while earning a livable income plus benefits! If this sounds too good to be true, keep reading. We’ll explain why you should start a graphic design career today!

What Is Graphic Design?

What is a graphic designer? Graphic designers are professionals whose job is to “improve the visual appearance and function of messages and information.” Simply put, graphic designers take messaging and turn it into visually appealing images. Graphic designers create logos, advertisements, brochures, and more. They typically work for marketing and advertising firms, but some large companies in other industries keep graphic designers on staff as well. Any organization attempting to sell a product or service will need a graphic designer at some point, especially with the internet having such a prominent role in our lives. That means that this career has a promising outlook going into the rest of the 21st century!

How Much Money Do Graphic Designers Make?

On average, graphic designers in the US make $50,710/year. For a career in visual art, these are strong numbers! With enough experience, graphic designers can be promoted to the role of creative director, which can net over $98,000 each year. This is a fantastic salary that just about anyone would be happy to earn! With creative careers typically relying on sporadic commissions and opportunities, graphic design is a way to use your artistic skill set and earn a reliable income. Add this to the fact that there are over 265,000 graphic design jobs across the country, and you have a healthy-sized industry ready for talented professionals.

How Do You Start a Graphic Design Career?

If this career sounds like something you’d like to try, you can get started easily at a technical college; no four-year degree needed! In just two semesters, you can earn a digital design certificate, which teaches you how to use common graphic design hardware and software, preparing you for entry-level jobs. If you want more preparation, you can pursue an advanced certificate or a digital arts associate’s degree, which will prepare you for more advanced graphic design work. You can earn these educational certificates and degrees at technical colleges like York Technical College in Rock Hill, South Carolina. You may even be able to get your career training for free!

Starting a new career can be daunting, but Career Connect is here to tell you that the time has never been better to start a new career with training from your local technical college! Between low cost training and industries hungry for employees, the conditions are perfect for you to start your new career.