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Is Industrial Maintenance Technician a Good Career in 2023?

Do you enjoy tinkering with things? Are you fascinated by clever engineering? If you answered yes to those questions, you might enjoy a career as an industrial maintenance technician. Modern manufacturing processes rely on large industrial machinery for processing, manufacturing, packaging, and more. That machinery only works when skilled technicians install, maintain, and repair it.

Wondering if you should become an industrial maintenance technician in 2023? Keep reading for a few of the reasons you should at least consider it.

Industrial Maintenance Techs Are in High Demand

As mentioned above, modern manufacturing processes completely rely on industrial maintenance technicians. Without regular maintenance, manufacturing machinery wears out and stops working. These techs are also necessary in other industries. Just think of the heavy duty machinery used to sort mail and packages in shipping warehouses across the country or the complicated hardware used to prepare and package food on a mass scale.

No matter the industry, if machinery will need to be installed, maintained, or repaired, an industrial maintenance technician will be needed. This means there are tons of jobs available. In South Carolina alone, over 8,600 industrial maintenance jobs exist. If you want a reliable job, this is the field for you.

Industrial Maintenance Techs Are Paid Well

So how much money do industrial maintenance technicians make? It turns out having a specialized skill set pays the bills! The average salary for industrial maintenance technicians in South Carolina is $54,690. The most experienced techs can make a salary over $67,000 per year! This is comparable (and even better in some cases) than what you could expect with a 4-year degree.

How to Become an Industrial Maintenance Tech

Wondering how long it’d take you to become an industrial maintenance technician? We’ve got the answers! York Technical College offers several programs for people interested in this field. The educational options range from small, specific certificates that are three classes each to an industrial maintenance technology associate’s degree that takes around two years to complete.

York Tech also offers shorter diploma programs depending on whether you want to focus on industrial maintenance technology or industrial electronics. The options are pretty limitless when it comes to this huge field. No matter what path you choose, however, you will be done in two years or less and be on the path to a great career! Check out industrial maintenance technology training programs here.


So is industrial maintenance a good career choice? Some would say it’s one of the best. Between high demand, solid pay, and low barriers to entry, it’s a very smart move to become an industrial maintenance technician in 2023. You could start a reliable career making over $50k/year in only a couple semesters! Want to get a jump start on your new career? Get started here.