Is Network Administration a Good Career

Is Being A Network Administrator A Good Career in 2023?

For a solid job path in IT that lets you work with computers and people, consider a career in network administration. Network administrators are practically indispensable in any company that needs computers to operate. They’re the ones that keep hardware and software working and up-to-date across an organization. The network administrator is typically the first person employees call when they’re having an issue with a computer, printer, the internet, or any other workplace technology.

What Does A Career Look Like for Network Administrators?

If you like solving problems, working mostly indoors, and being appreciated by your coworkers, network administration is probably already sounding like an ideal career choice.

The real question is this: Is network administration a good career? Let’s see how the stats add up.

  • First, the average salary for a network administrator in South Carolina is $79,400 per year.
  • Second, nearly 6,000 network administration jobs are available in South Carolina alone, and those jobs typically only require a certificate or an associate’s degree.
  • Third, the field of network administration is expected to grow around 5% between now and the year 2030.

How Long Does it Take To Get Certified as A Network Administrator?

The answer to that is: it depends. There are several specializations you can pursue within the field, and which certification or degree you want may depend on how much time you want to spend learning, or how much you want to earn.

You can start out with a certification in Network Operations requiring only 4 classes, and hit the ground ready to take the Cisco Certified Network Associate exam. Or you can choose to start with a certification in Network Administration to be ready to take industry exams that lead to Microsoft certifications; this certification only needs 7 classes. If you’re really good with people, the PC Technical Support Certificate covers the programming, databases, operating systems and data communications skills you need to set yourself up for a job in a tech support call center in the space of 9 classes.

Going deeper, you can get an Advanced Network Security Certificate (requiring 13 classes), and Advanced Cybersecurity Certificate (12 classes), or the whole enchilada– an Associate’s in Computer Technology with a Specialization in Networking (22 classes). This longer program gives you a well-rounded knowledge of networking, and you will learn how to design, create, and maintain networks.

Some of these certifications are more in depth or more specialized, but every one of these programs is designed make you ready to quickly get a job in your chosen area of network administration.

Network Administration: The Verdict

Given all these points in its favor, we’d have to say that network administration is a good career. It provides a high salary, low barriers to entry, and the promise of growth in the future. This trifecta is the perfect reason to start a career in network administration today. York Technical College in Rock Hill, SC provides all the training you need at little to no cost to you. Click “Get Started” to get in contact with our admissions experts who can help you start a fantastic new career!