campus life at a technical college

How to Get Involved in Campus Life

Getting your career training isn’t only about taking classes and getting the credits you need. Tech colleges like York Technical College give students a wonderful campus to take advantage of. Campus life is an important part of getting a college education, and students who get involved are happier and more successful! In this article, we’ll look at the different aspects of campus life and how you as a student can get involved.


The library is a fantastic service all colleges offer that students are allowed to use free of charge. Technical college libraries are great places to do class work, meet with project groups, print materials, and more! Many college libraries even have copies of course textbooks that you can use for free. This means that going to the library could save you money! Many students don’t take advantage of the resources that are available at the library, so doing so can give you an advantage in your career training.

Student Services

The success of your career training depends on many factors, some of which are out of your control. But technical colleges like York Tech have student support services available to help you make it through to a bright future. York Tech offers counseling services that cover both academic and personal counseling needs. They also offer student engagement services that connect students with opportunities to interact with other students and college personnel. In addition, student services provides special resources for students who may suffer from physical, learning, and psychological disabilities.

Workforce Solutions

Whether you’re a current student or alumni looking for career guidance, your technical college can help you! York Tech’s Workforce Solutions team helps students find internships, apprenticeships, and full-time employment. They can also help freshen up your resume and prepare you for interviews. York Tech students can book an appointment online using Navigate. Many technical colleges also have online job portals that will show you career opportunities from local companies. York Tech offers CareerLink.

Student Leadership and Events

The final aspect of campus life we’ll discuss is student leadership and events. Being a student is about more than just going to class. Many students benefit from extra-curricular activities such as clubs, organizations, and on-campus events. These activities can help you expand your resume and broaden your horizons while making you feel included on your campus. There are leadership opportunities available everywhere at York Technical college that can prepare you for aspects of your new career that classes may not focus on.


As you can see, technical colleges offer many opportunities to be involved in campus life, many of which will benefit your career training and make your time at college easier much easier. If you have the time, you should take advantage of as many of these opportunities as you can. If you’re getting excited about starting your new career and campus life, contact us to get started today!