how to get career training cheap

How to Get Career Training for Cheap or Free in 2021 & 2022

Looking to start a new career but don’t want to get into college debt? There are loads of resources for career training that are government-funded, meaning the cost to you is low, or even non-existent. But why are these resources so inexpensive? It turns out, many of the highest-demand career fields can’t find enough qualified employees, so the government has stepped in to get more people trained and working. Keep reading to learn about some low cost career training options in South Carolina.

York Technical College in Rock Hill, SC now offers no-cost college for individuals enrolling in programs for many career fields as part of Governor Henry McMasters’ workforce scholarship ‘pilot’ program. Among colleges in York county, SC and the surrounding area, York Tech is the only college offering a no-cost option. Getting a college degree or certificate to boost your career retraining is a huge advantage. Getting that degree or certificate for little to no cost is a historic opportunity.

If you want to learn about additional workforce training options, the Department of Labor has great resources available on their site: check out, and to learn about retraining options, and scholarship programs available nationwide.

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