How to Get Back Into the Job Market

How to Get Back Into the Job Market After a Long Absence

There are many reasons for people to take breaks from working. Raising children, taking care of aging parents, recovering from injuries or illnesses– the list goes on. No matter the reason for an absence, getting back into the job market can be daunting. Explaining a gap in your resume can be tricky, and you may lack some new skills that your old job now requires. Luckily, there have never been more resources in Rock Hill, SC and the surrounding areas for people who want to get back into their careers.

Job requirements are changing all the time, so exiting the job force for some period of time could make you feel unprepared to seek a new job. This article from CHRON has some great recommendations for your re-entry into the job market, including this one:

Invest in developing the education and training employers in your field are seeking today.

Many employers have partnered with local colleges to plan courses that can produce a ready-to-hire worker, already fully trained. Because these workers are trained in programs that are so tailored to these jobs, it can be hard to look competitive on paper without these certifications.

If your qualifications and your desired job do not match up, don’t worry! York Technical College in Rock Hill, SC is now offering training at little to no cost for just about any career path you can think of, so retraining to get back into the job market has never been easier.

At York Tech, retraining resources are readily available, not to mention the fact that your job retraining could even be free.