Engineer showing equipment to an apprentice, close up

How to Get a Career Apprenticeship

If you’re interested in starting a career in manufacturing or construction, an apprenticeship can be vital in order to advance in your field. But what is an apprenticeship? Apprenticeships are paid positions that an individual can take after or during their formal education at a technical college. These jobs allow you to continue learning in the field while making an income and can even count for academic credit towards a college degree. For more information on career apprenticeships and how to land one, keep reading!

Why You Should Pursue an Apprenticeship

If you’ve completed a career training program at a college like York Technical College, you may think you don’t need more training before applying for jobs. However, companies hiring electricians, plumbers, welders, or cybersecurity professionals often prefer their candidates to have apprenticeship experience, since many of the necessary skills are best learned on the job.

This “on the job” education model is an integral part of more hands-on careers. Not everything can be taught in a classroom. Apprenticeships are designed by people who understand this, as well as the realities of being a human being who needs to earn a living to survive. This is why apprenticeships are paid.

Another reason to apply for apprenticeships that is mentioned less often is the opportunity to connect with one or more mentors. Mentorship is invaluable, as it provides you the experience to work with and learn from someone with much more experience. A mentor can also help you advance your career by providing recommendations and advice as you apply for jobs. You may even be hired full-time to the company you apprenticed with!

How to Apply for an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are typically offered through employers or program sponsors. You can search for opportunities on, using their Apprenticeship Job Finder, which allows you to apply directly with the employer or program sponsor. Some of these positions are one-off jobs and others are long-standing programs that a company offers. You can also do a simple web search for apprenticeships in your area.

The opportunities on list the content of the apprenticeship as well as skills they require of applicants. If you have completed a certified training program at a technical college, you should have all the skills needed to apply for the apprenticeships. Be sure to include all relevant experience and training on your application, but don’t get stressed; these are entry level positions designed to train you further in your profession!

If you want to get career training that will qualify you for a rewarding apprenticeship, contact your local technical college! Institutions like this are hubs of information on training and apprenticeships, so you are sure to find someone who is able to put you on the right path.