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8 Great Architecture & Construction Careers

The construction industry is huge and it’s only growing. With population growing and more people moving into cities, there is always work for contractors and real estate developers. This also means more opportunities for carpenters, masons, HVAC technicians, and more! Did you know construction careers pay well? Most construction professionals make over $40,000 per year, and potential salaries for people who stay in the industry are much higher. Many of these careers only take a few months of training, so the barriers to entry are ridiculously low! Keep reading to learn about some of the best architecture & construction careers. Click the images for more info on each career!

AC / Refrigeration

AC / Refrigeration mechanics work on air conditioning systems as well as freezers, fridges, and anything else that keeps things cool. These specialized professionals make an average salary of of over $45k and can potentially earn over $60k. That’s nothing to shake a stick at. Most jobs in this career only require a 3-semester diploma. The investment in training is worth it, with a 15% projected growth rate for AC / Refrigeration. Jobs will always be available!

AC and Refrigeration career scores


Carpenters work with wood and a variety of other materials to make walls, roofs, furniture and more. This hands-on career is easy to get into, with only 1 semester of training required to get started. The pays is great too! The average carpenter salary is over $44k per year. Those who specialize in carpentry and commit themselves to it can eventually earn over $60k per year in this field. This career also has an 8% projected growth rate, so plenty of open jobs exist!

carpentry career scores

Construction Management

Construction managers are the ones in charge of construction projects, using organization and management skills to coordinate teams. This is a lucrative career, with an average salary of $100k in South Carolina. Even starting out, construction managers can often make over $60k per year. With only an associate’s degree required, this is a career anyone with strong organizational skills and dedication can get into! And with 11% industry growth, more jobs are available than ever.

construction management career scores


Electricians assemble and maintain electrical systems. Sometimes they create the systems on construction projects. Other times they do contracting work and focus on repairs. Either way, it’s a great career in which the average professional enjoys a salary over $44k in South Carolina. Master electricians can make over $70k annually! One of the best aspects of this career is that it’s easy to get into, with only 1 semester of training required. It also has a healthy 9% projected growth rate through 2026!

electrician career scores


HVAC stands for heaving, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC technicians install and troubleshoot these systems in residential and commercial buildings. This is a huge industry, and professional HVAC technicians usually make over $45k per year. With specialization and extra training, they can even make a salary over $60k. If you like the sound of this career that only requires 1 semester of training, there’s never been a better time to get into it! HVAC has a 15% projected growth rate.

HVAC technician career scores


Masons build brick walls, pour concrete, lay down tiles, and more. This is a skilled career that has low barriers to entry. Average salaries are around $38k per year, but the potential salary soars at over $63k! The certification to get started only takes 1 semester to earn, then you’re off to the races. This career also has a high projected growth rate of 12%, so jobs are always available.

mason career scores


Plumbers install and repair pipes, water fixtures, and more. Everyone will need to call a plumber at some point, which is why they are in such high demand! The average salary for plumbers in South Carolina is $45k, with some even making over $70k. One of the highlights of this career is how easy it is to get into. Only 1 semester of training is required to become a certified plumber. In addition, a 16% projected growth rate is about the best you could find for any career.

plumber career scores

Utility Line Work

Utility line workers are infrastructure professionals who erect and maintain power lines. They keep the lights on and the phone lines operational. They also help with disaster recovery all over the country. Utility line workers earn $54k each year on average, and can make over $64k if they dedicate themselves to the field. With only 1 semester of training required, the barriers to entry are low. Anyone can be a line worker! This field has a healthy 8% projected growth rate, which means jobs are easy to find.

utility line worker career scores

Start a Construction career today!

As you can see, a career in architecture & construction is easy to get into and will pay the bills. This industry also provides meaningful work that beats sitting behind a desk. Working with you hands creating homes and businesses is fulfilling and makes you excited to go to work every day! If you want more info on how to start a construction career, contact us and we’ll help you every step of the way.