6 Great Manufacturing Careers

The manufacturing industry is one of the driving economical forces in this country. It accounts for nearly 10% of all jobs in the country and created over $2 trillion in output in 2018. It’s no wonder that companies in manufacturing are hiring like there’s no tomorrow! When you think of manufacturing, you may think of standing on an assembly line all day, but that couldn’t be further from reality. People who go into manufacturing careers enjoy dynamic, state-of-the-art workplaces that give them plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. The pay isn’t bad either, with most manufacturing careers providing an average salary over $50,000 per year! There’s never been a better time to start a manufacturing career, so keep reading to learn about a few of the great options available. Click the images for more info on each career!

Engineering Graphics

Engineering graphics technicians work with 2D and 3D CAD (computer-aided design) software to create finished products out of raw materials. Sometimes they’re the ones creating the designs, other times they’re following instructions given to them, but they’re always working with computers to create a quality end product. This is a great career path for someone who’s into computers but also likes to build things. It also pays well, with an average salary of ~$43,000/year. With a few years of experience and specialization you could make over $70,000! This is a growing field that will stay relevant with manufacturing becoming more modern.

Industrial Maintenance

Industrial maintenance technicians can be found in manufacturing facilities, offices, repair shops, stores, healthcare facilities, and landfills. They’re the ones who keep the machines running. This is the perfect career for someone with an inquisitive mind who likes to take things apart and see how they work. The average salary for industrial maintenance technicians in South Carolina is over $56,000 per year, and they have the potential to earn over $70,000. Tons of specialization is available, but you can get your industrial maintenance technology diploma in only 3 semesters!

Machining and Tooling

Machining and tooling is a broad field that encompasses machinists, tool and die makers, machine tool technicians, and more. They use the latest technology to create mathematically perfect cutting tools, dies, fixtures, etc. This is a career that’s necessary in most manufacturing environments, which means tons of jobs are available. The average salary for tool and die makers in South Carolina is $52,000/year, and the potential salary is even higher! A machine tool diploma only requires 3 semesters of education and will launch you toward a fulfilling career.

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Mechanical engineering technicians typically work in teams, assisting mechanical engineers with design, testing, and maintenance in manufacturing facilities. This career is ideal for mechanical-minded individuals who like working with others to get a big job done. This is a very lucrative career, with salaries in South Carolina averaging at $58,000/year. Some mechanical engineering techs can make over $75,000 annually with enough experience and advancement. This career also has a healthy growth rate, which means plenty of jobs will be available in the coming years.


Mechatronics technicians combine mechanics with electronics to assemble, maintain, and disassemble automated manufacturing equipment in manufacturing facilities. People who love technology should give this career a shot! Mechatronics techs can make great money, with an average salary of $54,000. The most experienced mechatronics technicians can make over $80,000 annually, so it’s a highly lucrative career path. It only takes two years to earn a mechatronics technology degree and start a fulfilling and successful career!


Welding is one of the most necessary careers in manufacturing. Welders connect metal to metal, which is a skill that’s always useful. It’s a huge field with tons of job prospects, but the pay is also solid! The average salary for a welder in South Carolina is $43,310, but some can make over $63,000. One of the best qualities about a welding career is that you typically only need a basic welding certificate to get started, and this certificate only takes one semester to complete. Because of how important welding is, it’s a career that can keep you working as long as you want, and there are always jobs available.

Start a Manufacturing Career Today!

As you can see, there are tons of diverse career options if you want to get started in the manufacturing industry! No matter your interests, skills, or means, you can find a career that’ll put food on the table and make your life feel more complete. Nothing beats being a part of a process that creates a physical end product. You’re able to tell people, “I made that,” and feel the pride of a job well done. If this feeling of satisfaction sounds appealing to you, contact us by clicking the button below!