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5 Reasons to Pursue an Automotive Tech Career

A career as an automotive technician is rewarding in many ways. High pay, low barriers to entry, and an engaging day-to-day work life are just a few reasons automotive techs enjoy their careers. You can become an automotive tech in upstate South Carolina at York Technical College. York Tech in Rock Hill, SC can provide an education that will get you into a great job and won’t put you in debt. Use the button below to get started! Keep reading to learn more reasons to pursue an automotive tech career.

  1. Automotive techs are paid well
    From a competitive starting pay (around $33k in South Carolina), automotive techs can earn quick raises, especially if their skill set is broad.
  2. Job satisfaction is high
    It’s no surprise that fixing peoples’ vehicles and getting them back on the road safely make automotive techs feel satisfied at the end of the day.
  3. Automotive techs enjoy day-to-day work variety
    From mechanical repairs to electrical fixes, there’s always something different to do as an automotive technician.
  4. Technology is always changing, so there is always more to learn
    Modern vehicles are filled with state-of-the-art computer technology, which can be fun and challenging to wrap your head around.
  5. Barriers to entry are low
    In two years or less, you can start working as an automotive tech, which makes it an ideal career for someone who wants to get their career started fast.

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