Construction Manager Crossing His Arms and Looking Determined

5 Reasons to Become a Construction Manager

Do you like being in charge and work well under pressure? You should consider a career in construction management. Construction managers oversee construction projects, ensuring everything is being done up to code and ahead of schedule. Being a construction manager requires you to know about every aspect of a large-scale project, from basic carpentry to accounting. Keep reading to learn 5 reasons to become a construction manager.

Construction Managers Make Good Money

The first thing most people notice about construction managers is that they make good money. Construction managers work on big projects and manage a lot of people, so they are paid well to do it. This is a fast-paced career that not everyone can stick with, so it makes sense that they make a big paycheck. The average salary for construction managers in South Carolina is $102,430/year, so if you’re willing to put in the time needed to get into this career, it will pay off big time.

Construction Management is a Growing Field

Another reason to become a construction manager is the fact that it’s a growing field. With new construction projects being started every day, these trained professionals are needed now more than ever. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an 11% growth rate for this field through 2030. And with nearly 4,000 construction management jobs already available in South Carolina, this career just keeps on growing.

Construction Managers Only Need an Associate’s Degree

Most careers with salaries this high require a bachelor’s degree or more, but construction managers only need an associate’s degree to get started. This highly-focused program only takes two years to complete at technical colleges like York Tech and prepares you to work in this fast-paced field. While getting to that average salary requires you to spend some time working in the field, the fact that you can get your degree in only two years is huge!

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Construction Managers Are Leaders

Another highlight of a construction management career is the leadership aspect. You get to work with a team and help manage entire projects, putting you in a strong leadership position. If you’re the type of person who is responsible and doesn’t mind a bit of pressure, this career can be very fulfilling. And the more time you put in, the less hectic the job becomes. Managing other trained professionals and ensuring everyone does their best work can be rewarding on many levels!

Construction Managers Bring Projects to Life

The last reason to become a construction manager that we’ll cover is probably the best part about this career. Construction managers get to bring projects to life and build things every day. Taking an empty piece of land and creating a home or business on it can be extremely satisfying, making the high pressure and fast-paced work environment more than worth it. If you like to build things and manage a team, there’s no better career for you than construction management.

Between high pay, industry growth, low barriers to entry, and fulfilling daily work, construction management is a career with a solid foundation. You can build to a life where you are well taken care of if you have the dedication required to stick with this fast-paced career. If you want to become a construction manager, hit the button below! Our career experts can help you get your career started in upstate South Carolina!