5 High Paying Careers You Can Start at a Technical College

Starting a new career is always exciting, but it’s even more exciting when you can look forward to a fantastic income! You may be surprised how much money you can make with only an Associate’s degree, diploma, or certification. There are tons of high paying careers out there you might not know about. Whether it’s in construction, IT, or manufacturing, the careers in this article give you fulfilling work and a big paycheck! Keep reading to learn about these well-paying careers and how to get started in them.

Construction Management

Construction managers are the ones on-site directing construction projects of all sizes. These managers need to know how to work in the field and in an office. Construction managers make an average of $100,000 per year in South Carolina and can make even more after years in the industry! This great paying career only requires an Associate’s degree.


Cybersecurity analysts protect IT infrastructure — such as networks, hardware, and software — from threats outside of the organization. If you are passionate about security and feel at home on your computer, a career in cybersecurity may be right for you. Cybersecurity analysts make an average of $82,180 per year in South Carolina and can make a potential salary of over $120,000! You only need a certificate to get started.

Computer Programming

Computer programmers create code for software, operating systems, websites, apps, and more. Computer programming is a perfect career for someone who likes working with computers and building things. With only a certificate required to get started, you can make over $78,080 per year on average! After a few years in the industry, that number can go much higher.

Network Administration

Network administrators are responsible for keeping an organization’s computer network up-to-date and operating as intended. If you love computers and getting all the details right, a career as a network administrator might be right for you. The average network administrator in South Carolina makes $77,390 per year, and with a few years in the industry you can expect to make over $100,000! Get started in network administration with only a certificate.

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Mechanical engineering technicians usually work in a team, assisting mechanical engineers with design, testing, and maintenance in a manufacturing facility. The average mechanical engineering tech in South Carolina makes $58,790/year. Once you get entrenched in the industry, you can expect to make over $75,000 per year! Most jobs only require a 2-year degree and job outlook is fantastic.

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