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4 Careers to Consider Post-Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic was a difficult time for people all over the world. It disrupted many peoples’ lives right as they were getting ready to move, enter a new career, or start an educational program. Now that the end of the pandemic is in sight, you can feel confident about starting a new career you love that’ll change your life for the better! Today we are highlighting four careers in different industries that will definitely be hiring post-pandemic. With career training from York Technical College, you can be ready to apply for jobs in just a few months! York Tech is the premiere technical college in our part of upstate South Carolina, serving York, Chester, and Lancaster counties. For more info on these featured careers, click the images.


HVAC technician career scores

Heating, ventilation, and air contidioning (HVAC) technicians occupy a field that always needs trained workers. HVAC is a recession-proof career if there ever was one! The average HVAC technician in South Carolina makes around $45k per year and that can grow to over $60k over a few years. If the pandemic hit you hard and you want to start a reliable career, HVAC is the field to get into!


Manufacturing processes are becoming more and more automated as time goes on. The machines that perform manufacturing processes need maintenance, however, and that’s where mechatronics technicians come in. This is a steady career with an average salary of more than $50k per year! If you’ve come out of the COVID-19 pandemic looking for a crisis-proof career, Mechatronics is for you!


Computer programmers make programs, website apps, and digital processes for every aspect of life. These specialized professionals get paid well for the work they do, with an average salary of more than $78k. If you’re looking for a reliable career that may even let you work remotely, Computer Programming may be a path worth considering!


In the US, cars are practically a necessity. Even with technological advancements in automotive technology, flesh-and-blood mechanics are a necessary part of keeping an automobile functioning. If you become an Automotive Technician, you can expect to make around $40k/year on average and more than $66k/year after gaining some experience in the field! This is another fantastic recession-proof career that will remain a solid choice even through pandemics.

If any of these careers interest you, we can help you get started! York Technical College in Rock Hill, SC is the perfect place to get affordable career training. With some programs only requiring a single semester certificate, you can be on the job market in your dream career fast! If you are interested in starting a new, useful career post-pandemic, click the button below. York Tech serves York, Lancaster, and Chester counties in South Carolina, so if you live in this part of upstate South Carolina and are ready to start a fulfilling career, contact us today!