Mechatronics Technology, AAS (AAS.MCT 35371)

The Associate of Science in Mechatronics Technology prepares the student to work with automated controls, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, robotics, sensors, system interfaces, and statistical process control. This program is designed to be taken as a stand-alone program, or as a continuation of the Industrial Maintenance Technology (IMT) degree. Graduates of IMT will only need to take seven more classes which cover advanced “hands-on” skillsets and the technical theory that is necessary to integrate, install, modify, and troubleshoot the high-tech automation that is used in today’s industrial manufacturing processes. When compared to the IMT graduate, the Mechatronics Technology degree graduate will have a higher understanding of network control systems, robotics and programmable automation controllers (PAC), Human Machine Interface (HMI) programming and data acquisition, process control, and technical systems troubleshooting.