Associate in Applied Science Major in General Technology Specialization in Machine Tool Technology (AAS.GT.GTMTT)

The Associate in Applied Science Degree with a major in General Technology and specialization in Machine Tool, allows a student to select additional coursework to gain skills beyond the Machine Tool diploma to become multi-skilled in a second technical specialty that is based on local employment needs.

The Machine Tool program prepares students with hands on theory and practice in machining applications. The Training involves blueprint reading, precision measurement and gaging, manual and CNC machining, CNC programming and operations, CAD/CAM applications, heat treatment processes, and CMM (coordinate measuring machines) programming and operation. Students in the Machine Tool program can also earn an Associate’s degree with a concentration in Machine Tool Technology. This degree allows students to specialize in more than one area such as Tool and Die Making. The machine tool field is in high demand nationwide with many career opportunities in advanced manufacturing. The Machine Tool Technology program at York Technical College has a history of high job placement rates for its graduates. The program is NIMS (National institute of Metalworking Skills) accredited. The NIMS accreditation allows students to earn certification in machining skills with national industry recognized credentials.

The secondary technical specialty is a minimum of 12 semester hour credits from an approved degree/diploma, or a technical education certificate program that is currently offered at the College, or mix of credits awarded for coursework from any program, military training, experiential learning, and/or testing.

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